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Maintain Your Eye Health Remotely

COVID-19 has left many of our patients hesitant to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. At In Focus Eyecare, we aim to continue supporting you and your eye health, so we are now offering teleoptometery.

Teleoptometry Hours and Login Link

We are pleased to offer digital consultations during the following hours:

Dr. Day

Monday to Wednesday 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm for Lakeshore patients

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Dr. MacDonald

Monday 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm (Grand Bend patients)

Tuesday 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm (Vidal patients)

Wednesday 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm (Lakeshore patients)

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Dr. Lis

Monday 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm (Vidal patients)

Tuesday to Friday 1:45 pm and 5:15 pm (Grand Bend patients)

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Dr. Johnson

Appointments are generally available at 4:45 pm or at other times by need. Please request an appointment and specify that it’s a remote appointment with Dr. Johnson, and we’ll do our best to find a time that works for you.

How Teleoptometry Works

Teleoptometry is the practice of offering eye health advice and consultations over video calls, allowing you to maintain physical isolation. Your remote appointment can’t replace your regular eye exam. However, we can offer the following services remotely:

  • Evaluate eye infections and conditions
  • Determine whether in-office care is required
  • Issue prescriptions and refills
  • Discuss other vision concerns

You will need an internet connection and an internet-connectable device with:

  • A webcam
  • A microphone
  • Speakers or a headphone jack

Once you have scheduled your Teleoptometry appointment, we will send you a confirmation email containing a link to your appointment. On the day of your appointment, please click that link a minute or two before your appointment is scheduled to begin.

The doctor will join the call once they are ready for you.

Your optometrist may want to ask you about your current medications or medical history, so please have this information ready.

The online consultation may include video chat, instant messaging, voice messaging, and photo sharing. Do not worry; this data is 100% secure.

After you’ve discussed your concerns with the doctor, they will be able to provide you with the next steps you should follow.

Please note that OHIP does not cover the cost of Teleoptometry.

Where To Find Us

Sarnia – Lakeshore Road

  • 1206 Lakeshore Road
  • Sarnia, ON N7S 2L2

Sarnia – Vidal Street

  • 120 Vidal Street North
  • Sarnia, ON N7T 5X5

Grand Bend

  • 43 Main Street East
  • Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0

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