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Are You Experiencing Life in Full Colour?

Have you ever had someone compliment your great red shirt—when you thought it was orange? Do people frequently tell you that a colour you describe is actually a different or more vibrant shade?

These are common signs that you may have a colour vision deficiency. We invite you to book an eye exam with us and let us know you’re curious about your colour vision. You may also want to try an online colour vision test.

What Is Colour Vision Deficiency?

Colour blindness is not actually a type of blindness but rather a deficiency in how a person’s eyes perceive colour. 

While people with typical colour vision can see up to one million distinct shades, those with colour deficiency will have trouble distinguishing certain colours, like blue from yellow or red from green. They may also experience colours as more washed out. It’s very rare, however, for people with colour blindness to see only in grey.

Colour deficiency is usually inherited and occurs when light-sensitive retina cells fail to respond to the fluctuations in wavelengths that typically allow us to see a wide range of colours. It affects about 8% of men and less than one percent of women.

It may occur with cataracts, but this can typically be reversed through cataract surgery. Certain drugs, including an anti-seizure drug called tiagabine, have also been shown to cause temporary colour blindness.

It may also be caused by diabetic retinopathy, Parkinson’s disease, Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON), or Kallman’s syndrome.

A child who can’t see all the colours of the rainbow isn’t just missing out on a pretty view—they may also experience learning issues. By bringing your child for annual eye exams to help detect colour deficiency and other vision changes, you’re supporting their healthy development.

Before your next appointment, you can also have your child take a 2-minute online colour vision test.

Is There a Treatment for Colour Vision Deficiency?

While there has been some promising early research into gene therapy to correct colour blindness, it’s much too early to say when it could be applied to humans.

In the meantime, there are coping strategies available to help those who need to distinguish colours, from artists and designers to electricians. These include phone apps and stylish colour blindness eyewear from EnChroma, which we’re happy to offer for purchase to our patients. Visit us to try on EnChroma colour vision glasses in person.

See How Vibrant Life Can Be

The world is stunning place, but those with colour deficiency might feel they’re missing out on the Earth’s kaleidoscope of colours.

For those who would like to see a richer world of colour, we are excited to offer EnChroma lenses.

What Are EnChroma Lenses?

EnChroma lenses are a patented eyewear technology that combines neuroscience and lens innovation to bring colour accessibility to more people.

These lenses are designed to work for specific types of colour deficiency so a broader array of colours are visible to the wearer. EnChroma glasses work well for most cases of colour deficiency. They’re available for indoor or outdoor glasses, safety eyewear, and kids’ glasses.

Visit us in-store to try on EnChroma glasses for yourself, or contact us to ask about your colour vision needs.

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